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N. J. Sterling is a uniquely talented author that is highly intrigued by spiritual teachings and sacred truths.  Sterling's novels meticulously combines metaphysics, sorcery, spiritual experiences and faith in the Divine which inspires and elevates readers into a higher mode of thinking by enhancing their consciousness.


In Sterling's new modern epic Heavenly Daughter, you will be taken on a wild ride through the mystical world of sorcery, magic, angels and demons, and the long lost teachings of saints and spiritual masters.  Sterling combines these elements perfectly and unravels them to the modern day reader in a way they can relate and enjoy.

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Heavenly Daughter

By N. J. Sterling

About The Book

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Jessica McNiel is a beautiful tough-as-nails attorney who seems to have it all.  She lives an affluent lifestyle, owns a gorgeous condo overlooking the waterfront, and will soon be a named partner at one of New York's most prestigious law firms.


But such epic success draws the envious into her idyllic life. Their spiteful gazes leer from the shadows, and soon a simple disagreement brings an enemy to her doorstep; an enemy secretly drenched in black magic and skilled in the dark arts of ancient sorcery. The evil witch attacks Jessica with an unspeakable curse and watches as Jessica’s prosperous life crumbles.


The curse is vicious and plagues her with a fatal illness, emotional turmoil, and unrelenting diabolical psychic attacks. She begins to lose herself and questions her own sanity. Captured in the clutches of a malevolent, tormenting spirit, Jessica is forced to play a dangerous game to combat something with which she has no experience. Her brilliant courtroom skills and charm leave her helpless against this sudden onslaught of evil.


Holding onto her sanity by a thread, with death lurking around the corner and her very soul in jeopardy, she frantically searches for a solution to her horrific ordeal. Suddenly, word comes to her of an ancient mystical saint—a powerful but faraway healer—who just might be able to help her.  To find this spiritual master she must abandon her prestigious life in New York City and set out on a quest through the rugged mountains of Ireland.  For only with his guidance and tutelage can she attract healing, attain heavenly protection, cultivate psychic powers, find true love, and secure her faith in the divine.


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